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Welcome to the Ultimate facial experience, using the latest machine technology we can enjoy a vast range of benefits from this facial mainly - Lifting, tightening, whitening, rejuvenation, Acne scare reduction, deep cleansing & also restore skin vitality. This is the ultimate facial experience. 

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Hydrogen & Oxygen Gun

Oxygen supplies moisture, whitens skin, tightening and nutrients are quickly introduced into the skin underlying layers thus increases skin vitality. 

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RF-Skin Firming 

Stimulates collagen, improves sagging, lifts and tightens skin. 

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Produces 10-3 million vibrations, which penetrate deep and repairs facial muscle. 

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Suction Pen 

Eliminates greasy dirt, blackheads & acne. Improves Oily skin, deep cleansing. Increases skin elasticity & improves skin tone. 

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Ice Hammer 

Whitening of the skin and Shrinks the pores.

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Shovel handpiece

Removes dead skin, improves skin texture and refines. 

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