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Christmas laser hair removal offer

Christmas laser hair removal offer



What's included in this card? 

 3 Full body sessions to work on all the areas of the Body.

 Use as frequently as needed, each sitting is considered as a full body session.


How often is the treatment repeated ?

 The treatment is typically repeated after 4 weeks.


How many sessions are needed ?

 On average 4-6 treatments are needed to achieve optimum results. Different areas require a   different number of treatments. 


Is it painful ?

 Our machine is a new generation of Diode Laser which is truly PAINLESS, most clients report   feeling no sensation at all. 

An Initial consultation upon 1st visit. 

+ A FREE OXY FACIAL worth €95



All treatments must be used within 1 year from 1st session. 

Offer must be activated within 1 year from date of purchase. 

24 cancelation policy applies.

Offer can be gifted in voucher form which we deliver upon request. 

We can also issue two vouchers for the same offer, one for the laser and a seperate one for the OXY facial. 


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