The essential step to deep cleanse your skin and remove any last traces of make-up. Its fresh, light texture transforms into an airy foam upon contact with water. This subtly scented cleanser
helps restore a clear, even and translucent complexion

    Enriched with the skin pigmentation process-inhibiting White-Bright Complex, it helps correct pigmentation irregularities, to even out the complexion
    Helps prevent the appearance of further dark spots
    Rids the skin of all its impurities, and leaves it perfectly clean and healthy

Leaves the skin feeling deliciously clean and fresh and prepared for the complementary skincare products.


Use morning and evening. Work a small amount of foam into a lather with water then gently apply to the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with water. Complete your cleansing routine and prepare the skin for further skincare products with BRIGHTENING TREATMENT LOTION.


  • Ingredients: Essential Oil of Roman Chamomile, Kiwi Essential Water, Papaya Extract and White-Bright Complex. Oil-free texture.