An elixir of 100% pure, 100% natural essential oils that has been specifically formulated for the daily care of skin with pigmentation marks and/or lacking radiance. Due to its natural affinity with the skin, this unique and special treatment:

    penetrates deep into the skin upon application, purifying and lightening the skin
    helps restore translucency and radiance to the complexion
    and helps reinforce the brightening properties of the AROMA WHITE C+ collection applied afterwards.

Aromessence™ WHITE is a fast-acting, ultra-precise beauty step for a complexion that is even, luminous and translucent once more – and stays that way.


Morning and evening, apply two drops of Aromessence™ WHITE to the face. Using the DECLÉOR method, apply acupressure to the entire face. Finish with light sweeping movements. Follow with the appropriate skincare cream.Find out about Aromessence™ application techniques.


  • Ingredients: 100% natural Essential Oils and Wax of Acacia, Parsley, Lemon and Chamomile.