This 100% pure and natural new generation serum for total anti aging benefits is free of preservatives for optimal affinity with the skin. This unique and special treatment:

    helps renew the skin, combat skin dehydration, reduces pigmentation blemishes
    Leaves the skin smoothed, firmed, plumped up, deliciously nourished, evenly toned and protected
    Increases the performance of the EXCELLENCE DE L’ÂGE SUBLIME REGENERATING CREAM

Aromessence™ EXCELLENCE is the quickest and most direct beauty routine available to act on all signs of time.


In the morning, apply 2 drops of Aromessence™ EXCELLENCE over a cleansed face and neck using the DECLÉOR acupressure method over the entire face, pressing in with fingertips and finishing with light sweeping strokes.At night, warm a little of the balm in your cupped hand, then apply in light sweeping strokes. Find out about Aromessence™ application techniques.


  • Ingredients: Somali Frankincense, Asian Camellia Oil, Corsican Immortelle, Italian Concrete of Iris, Chinese Magnolia, Geranium, French White Lupin (part of the Sol- collagenine complex), European Sunflower (part of the Sol- collagenine complex), French Plum Kernel, Andean Quinoa, American Inca – Inchi, Turkish Hazelnut, and Jojoba Oil.