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Lipo is a non-invasive fat removal procedure which uses the focused power of laser energy to break up and dissolve fatty tissue trapped beneath the skin. By directing the energy to the area beneath the surface of the skin, the technique also encourages the development of collagen, which results in a tighter, more toned appearance overall. The technique is especially popular because it requires no incisions or general anesthesia, and therefore offers no recovery time.

Effective treatment for hard-to-treat fatty deposits
Minimal discomfort during the treatment
Quick recovery with virtually no downtime
NO discomfort and bruising following the procedure
No general anesthesia
No incisions
Tighter, more toned skin

Duration per session: 25 minutes

Whats included :- 

10 Sessions Laser Lipo 

1 Kuma X 3D Lipo 


Diet Plan

Contact number M +356 79039253

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