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Our team has carefully selected a range of specialist hair treatments that can be combined with your appointment to maximize the health and beauty of your hair.

The Express

Fast and effective treatments that fit within your appointment time for instant effect on your scalp and hair.

Musks for-Volume-fine-oily or Curly Hair

A Selection of long lasting treatments that instantly transform the look and feel of the hair. A rich blend containing enriched natural ingredients, free from sulfate and paraben. Our team will carefully select the best treatment which will be tailored according to your hair requirements.

The Intense Mask

An intense hair mask that penetrates deep into the hair structure and is ideal for thick or damaged hair. The Musk intesity will hydrolise and help to repair hair fibers giving a long lasting briliance.

The Lux

A unique step by step treatment incorporating a prescription of hair emulsion, hot oils and musk which will take up to 30 minutes to develop a more intense hair transformation. Your Stylist will create a blend according to the specific needs of your hair.

Botox the Split End Savior

An Incredible treatment that quite literally bonds with split ends together for up to 4 weeks. The heat activated protein enriched formula instantly repairs broken and split fibers and continues to protect against further damage caused by everyday styling and environmental stresses.


Perhaps our most popular repairing treatment. Olaplex is available in two applciations and is already refered to as "The Holy Grail" for bleached coloured hair. The secret formula quite literally repairs the bonds that are broken when you bleach your hair and allow you to go for that change you thought possible.

Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment is a temporary straightening process that transforms frizzy, unruly hair into straight, shiny, healthy hair. Using a high-temp flat iron, the keratin treatment is infused into hair, sealing the cuticle and repairing damange. Hair is stronger, smoother and more manageable.

Japanese Hair Straightened

A popular method of permanently striaghtening hair. It promises to turn wavy or curly hair into pin-straight locks by treating the hair with chemicals which break the protein bonds in the hair that give it its shape.

Scalp Treatment

The ultimate flake fighter that naturally soothes and satisfies while instantly delivering vital nutrients to help relieve symptoms assosciated with dry scalp